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From Wheeling, WV — 03/15/2010

I work in a call center that has only been open for a year and a half - but it is completely different than the experiences that were previously posted. I have worked in other AT&T locations, as well as other telecommunication companies... so I've seen the good, bad, ugly and uglier.

This is still considered a smaller call center with about 14 -15 managers. You can easier tell that the director, second level managers and almost all the first line managers really care about doing their jobs well. Sometimes the high energy seems fake or forced but there is good intentions behind it. Morale is high, we have fun at work. We often have pot lucks, themed days... just something to change up the normal mundane day. i dont dread coming to work.

The pay is good for this area and the benefits are nice. Answering phones is easy, but stressful. Yes, there is a lot we have to say, and now we are focusing on selling. They are not asking for anything unrealistic. The better you do, the more money you can make. depends on your quality scores and how many features you can sell. If you are good with transition and making changes daily/weekly, you will be successful.

Thankful to have a job. especially now. This is the best review I could give, no brown nosing since its annoyomous. With any company, there is good and bad. Just like there are good & bad employees. i would recommend a friend to work for this company if that means anything.
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