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From IL — 02/06/2010

Gee, is it really that bad? I work in a call center as a CSR and it's certainly not as bad as people claim. If you have a good manager, then you'll be alright. As long as you hit the stats and do good on surveys, you'll be OK. You have union representation, vacation and sick days that can be used anytime, guaranteed raises and you're guaranteed full time work...which is a luxury nowadays. Overtime is offered periodically, you don't have to dress up, you don't have to kiss anyones' ass as the union guarantees you a raise.

Sure, it's a dead end job. Sure, I'd rather be doing something else for a living. It's just not as bad as people claim to be. The problem I see is that manager constantly complain about the high turnover. Well, it's the managers who are hiring these misfits..who seem to not understand how use the systems, talk to people, not take things personally if a customer gripes and who tend to eat at their desks. Oh no! There's actually rules to follow, how evil.

You get great benefits that you immediately qualify for, unlike other companies that make you wait up to a year to qualify.

The reviews here are evidence that Americans are getting increasingly spoiled by the year.

And no, I'm not a brownoser yes fact I rip on the managers constantly.

Decent work environment, pay is decent, benefits EXCELLENT, great location, clueless managers who'll hire peopl because they had a great chat with them. There wouldn't be such a high turnover if managers didn't hire the wrong people.
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