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From columbia, sc — 04/01/2009

I can honestly say i like what i do..i like talking to customers, solving problems but let me go back and say that is not my real job. att doesnt want you to help the customer..they want to suck the money out of every person that drops in on the line, no matter how broke they are, how much they dont need the service, our job is to manipulate, not lie, but manipulate the truth. give as little information as possible within legal guidelines, make you believe you are getting this great bundle of services but really we just lowered the prices so what you use to pay we can get you a lower price and throw on all the other services that you dont have to bring the price back up to what you are paying now and tell you we can get you all these services for the same thing you are paying now in reality we coudl just lower your bill 20 bucks and you can keep all your services.. ripoff, i just want to go on tv and tell all these customers how bad they are getting ripped off, does no one wonder why the same three damn reps are always number one, never have a bad day..hmmm doesnt take a genius to realize they are not selling with i am getting written up every other day in defense of the customer..att could care less about their customers, employees they are money hungry pigs...get your ass on this phone and lets see what you can sell!!!
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