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From Texas — 02/19/2009

A couple of things; top management employee's tend to drink away all of their sorrows at the local watering hole 5 min from the corporate office. We send out memos to our workers, and clients thanking them for the opportunity to serve them for 1-3 days. We are in meeting after meeting discussing what we should do, instead of actually having a plan and putting in action. Our customers and large clients DEMAND answers- about why issues and problems are not fixed in a timely matter or at least within the legal agreements that are in force. Not to mention that we have our lives, families, and job uprooted without any warning. Yes- I agree with you that the company you started with 10-20 years ago was much different, but the times have changed. And certain Sacrifices have to be made. We receive just about as much respect and rationing of office supplies as those of you in the call centers. However, there are still laws in place in the United States that protect everyone’s rights and if you have questions or feel your rights are being violated, you SHOULD bring them up to the Department of Labor, occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), a experienced attorney, the attorney general in your state or your local Labor union.
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