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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From San Francisco — 02/18/2009

I must say that I am suprised to read the previous comments about AT&T. This is a great company to work for. Let me break down these scores for anyone thinking about working for the company. First of all, don't listen to the other two comments! Work without compensation? (Few markets are no unionized and union rules wont let you read an email without pay) Being a problem employee for raising questions? (I've seen people do things you would not believe and not get fired! It's amazingly hard to fire a union employee). But anyways, pay. I have a 30,000 dollar salary, not bad for someone that works in a cell phone store. But, in 2008 I earned 105,000! Yes, 75,000 dollars in commission. Now, I happen to be exceptionally good at what I do and the average rep in my store pulls in about 55,000, but it is possible, I have done it. So, 5! Respect, I give it a 5. I could see how some may rank this catagory lower but remember this, with AT&T you get only the repect you ear, but once you earn it...they will give it to you. Benefits, 5. I have no issues with them. Job Security, 5! Are you kidding me? Short of stealing or sexual misconduct it is a task to get fired from this company. Work/ Life balance, 3. Ok, this one is not that great. I spend my days teathered to my Blackberry. I answer my phone all day, all night (no joke, people will call at all hours) and have yet to have a day off without spending a few hours either at work or on the phone. (Bare in mind, you don't have to do this, you can leave work at work, but I dont make my money byt just being a cashier. I am my customers 'got to guy' one of the reason I see a TON of referal business.) Career Potential/ Growth, 5 FIVE 5. I have been offered SEVERAL promotions in my few years with the company, management, business sales, corporate trainer. Right now, I am not ready to get the 'move up pay cut' and am happy where I am. But, the day I am ready to move, there will be opportunitys waiting and the sky's the limit. Location, 5. Are you kidding? Location?? I have moved now twice accross the country and walked into jobs like nothing. How many companies can you work for that pay you this kind of money and have work in every city? In every state? 5555. Co-worker competence, ok :) 0. I work in retail, and AT&T is very god at hiring on whoever, and letting the idiots weed themselves out and the good people do well. So sadly, it does mean that we spend are stays surrounded by quite a few morons...But hey, they make the good ones look even better! Work environment, 2. I work in a store, I spend a good solid 2 hours every day getting yelled at by somebody for something that has nothing to do with me (customers yelling, not managers) so the environment can be trying.
In conclusion, this job is not for everyone. You have to be prepared to get yelled at, to have run ins with coworkers. We are very competitive and every day is a battle. But I love my job. I love my manager (he has become one of my best friends, my assistant manager too) I take vacations pretty much whenever I want, if I have no vacation time left, I take it unpaid! No big deal. And one day I will decide to move up and I'm sure I will love whatever I take next. Bare in mind, I am one of very few people in thousands that does this well in my job (about 25 to be exact). In a couple weeks I'll be at the annual awards trip staying at a 500 dollar a night hotel getting wined and dined all on the company (and getting paid for it).
AT&T Mobility is a great employer, I would suggest it for anyone who has the balls to get out there and make something big out of an opportunity that most people waste! Good Luck.
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