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From TEXAS — 02/12/2009

As an employee for 4 and a half years, I can say the benefits are excellent. The insurance coverage is the reason I am still here. My family has lots of medical issues. The dental insurance leaves something to be desired. A year ago or so they gutted management's insurance and it is no longer desirable to be in management. Very sad commentary on a fortune 400 company. My pay is better than most people I know in my call center.

I am in a high stress job (retention)where I am supposed to keep 70% of the customers that say they want to cancel. Commissions are paid for keeping customers. QA is so nit picky they find ways to keep from paying the bonus a big percentage of the time. I am tired of "there's the door" from management and customers that unload on me. The pressure from the top to have lower handle time/ resolve all the issues on a single call and have good customer satifaction surveys is getting worse. Most employees have high blood pressure and are overweight.

The free coffee is gone, we cant print anything, and they rationed the office supplies. Fans/heaters not allowed. No more certificates for years of service. "Good job" is rarely in the vocabulary. The jobs off the phone are very competitive and hard to get.Thank goodness for the union or we would not have rights.
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