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From ocala, fl — 06/21/2008

I have been a good little monkey for at&t for about 3 years now. The pay is slightly above average for the area, although everyone knows that call centers in other areas/states have a higher starting pay. The thing that keeps a lot of people there is the benefits and job security as you do have to do a lot to get fired and because it has a union no matter if you are the best worker or biggest slacker you get the same raise, which is great if you are the slacker. Although if you want to move up and become a manager you lose the great benefits and your starting pay is below the top out of what the csr's make. Everything is standardized which makes everything pretty bureaucratic. Oh, and nothing is confidential. They like to act as though they are, but will gossip about you like crazy... even the head of HR! A girl sent an email to the head of HR about our manager who she felt was showing favoritism to another employee. I saw the email my self and the response. The response said "Oh, I will look right into this. Don't worry I will say that this is part of an audit and won't bring you up ." Two days later the manager in question came up to me gossiping about the girl who sent off the email because the HR manager sent the email to the area manager who showed it to her!! Yeah, real confidential!

From what i can tell, if you are in a different department of the company, i.e., not customer service, I do believe at&t is a good company to work for. Other than that, it is good for cash to pay the bills until you actually do something with your life. Customer service will suck you soul!!
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