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From Scotland — 01/30/2010

When I started at the store a bit over a year ago I really hated it, utterly despised the place, I'm on a 16 hour contract working confusing hours, and (as it was my first job, and I'm actually quite shy) I was really nervous about starting work. My department manager was lovely though, as were many of the coleagues I worked with.

However, I soon found out that you cannot afford to be shy in ASDA, I found it to be very cliquey, and there to be a LOT of gossiping etc. Also, it seemed that many of those in the store were coming into work absolutely wrecked most weeks and expecting the rest of us to just cover them. This, combined with the stresses a job in ASDA provides (i.e, being expected to be able to help everyone at once and know everything about the store) made me really dread coming into work in the morning, and I felt like the managers were looking at me, saying to themselves "Why did I hire her?" as I did begin to make many silly mistakes.

This has, admittedly, gotten better over the past few months, I have become less shy and began speaking to more people, which does make the job more enjoyable (though Fridy nights on create your own pizzas will never cease to be a nightmare), and I have learned how to handle ASDA the bes way, i.e. Just go with it.

ASDA is not, as they would have you believe, the best place to work for all, although for some, for a certain type of person, it is actually really good. Unfortunately, if you are not that person, it is VERY difficult to adjust to.
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