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4.7Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Trafford Park — 10/21/2008

I honestly love my job. Ive only been there a couple of weeks now, but i honestly love it. I'm a student at the moment on part time (15 hours), so the pay is ok for me. Respect ive given a five because the managers ive worked with up to now are fantastic and really try to get to know the staff members.

I havent been there long enough to claim my discount card so i cant really give an accurate score on the benefits they provide.

As for job security, its retail. Retail is the one business that can survive anything and its the one place where your most likely to have the best job security.

Work/life balance is great, i spend a lot of time studying or doing coursework and its not like my work at asda follows me home and distracts me from that.

I have been thinking about possibly going onto the stepping stones scheme, but i havnt really had a chance to get to know more about it therefore i have only given it a 4.

Location is brilliant, literally a stones throw away from the almighty Trafford Center, a great place to mooch around some shops or go see a movie when you've finished your shift.

All my co-workers are great. As soon as i started work they made me feel part of the team and really connected with me. It's great knowing that when i get up to go to work i know that i'm going to enjoy it thanks to all the guys and gals i work with.

Work enviroment is also fabulous. The managers come in and have a laugh with you, most of the time customers are glad you are there and i have always enjoyed helping people out so when i find something in the back for someone, it really gives me a great feeling.

Overall i think it's a brilliant place to work and i wouldnt leave for anything else.
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