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From Lanarkshire — 06/16/2008

I am so shocked to read about those people totally hating working for ASDA. I absolutely love the place! Not overly love it but as a place of work I think it is fantastic! The pay is kinda crap, but I am planning on progressing to management within the next year, and the money does improve as you go up. Retail is Retail, the money will never be great for shelf stackers, lets be honest! The managers are friendly, chat away to you and listen to your feedback and concerns. I get 10-15mins per week with my managager just for a chat - even if I have nothing work related to complain about. I get to try out different departments and if I'm struggling they train me or they move me! I feel genuinely sorry for the people who work in those ASDA stores, but it is not a reflection of ASDA as a whole. They should voice those concerns to their GSM!
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