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From Manchester — 07/20/2007

The store I am in, in Hulme is excellent for managers respecting the colleagues and helping out. The pay isn't as good as other stores but in places like Tesco you can't be a minute late off your break, late or anything without getting into trouble. It is true that some managers show little respect for colleagues and that the kiosk and Customer service is generally undermanned when they are placed together. If you have a problem with them then go through the proper grievence procedures and it will eventually get sorted. I myself am applying for the stepping stones course as we speak and it all depends on the store manager and people manager how much effort is put into promoting the stepping stones to colleagues and they have "Improved" the way that it is done so hopefully i will be easier for colleagues to know what is going on with it. Colleagues seem generally dense where I am and seem to have lost initiative and common sense sometimes but the majority of the colleagues are the nicest people you'll ever meet in a supermarket job. The downside is some of the customers can be very disrespectful and get angry when you raise an eyebrow about it like you've done something wrong. Other than that I reckon it is a good job to do.
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