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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment3

From Mechanicsville,VA — 05/11/2009

Pay: I worked there while in high school, so I was making enough to be satisfied at the time. Seemed to be on the upper end in the fast food world. It was one of the few jobs I've had that significantly rewarded additional training. At my location, every two months or so you could nag the manager into taking time to run through a test module of sorts that trained you more for different tasks in the store. You could earn about up to a dollar more that way in a year or so.

Respect: Most of my coworkers managers, and probably even the majority of customers had respect. All it took really if someone got mad was to give them a free fry order or something. There was one manager who needed to back off of me a bit, but then again they needed her to keep the slacking high school employees in line.

Benefits: Benefits were decent for the job, but took quite some time to get. Half off of the food wasn't great since it was a bit steep for fast food, however, it certainly wasn't terrible. Some managers were nice enough to give me free meals quite often.

Security: It had pros and cons. Everyone needs to eat and its convenient, popular, and nicer than most fast food. As long as you were a decent employee and pleasant you really didn't have to worry. The turnover rate is so high in food industry that simply being a steady employee keeps you safe.

Work/life balance: I did have some struggle to get the balanced amount of hours I wanted. The shift times weren't the best some times but then again as a high school student I was limited by my own situation. The biggest annoyance I had here was that they didn't seem to get that I could work a longer shift on the weekends versus a measly few hours after school while not working too late and closing. What was good was that since there were so many coworkers available, you could always get the time off you needed. With all those people to call in and the need to keep health standards, calling in sick or having a REAL emergency was always acknowledged and respected.

Career potential: There is not really much potential in food industry. All you could really do is become a co manager of a store. It was a good first job and decent as a side job while going to high school while primarily depending on parents aid. Probably could have sufficed for the college life too.

Location: It was a convenient location for me, but it was really the only store around. Transferring to another store could happen but the other locations were distant.

Co-worker competence: Most of my coworkers were close to my age and intelligent enough. The work was so easy that incompetent people weren't really a problem, they would just stick them on a till being it was so easy to be a cashier with the registers we had. Just like any easily landed job, there was a mix of people so you got some poor help too, but hardly anyone ever stuck around long anyway.

Work environment: The environment was really the worst part of the job. Its fast paced and greasy. You're bound to smell like fries at the end of the night and even with proper work shoes, the floor was still slippery to the point of being unsafe, especially when dishes were being cleaned. The dining area though was actually kept quite clean and easily maintained though, since my location had an employee exclusively for keeping it that way.

Summary: It was a great first job opportunity. Work with friends and people your age, make good money for the work you do, you can even get some tuition reimbursement if you're a steady worker. Just don't end up a closing employee.
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