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From West Coast — 03/27/2010

I work as a manager in the clinical engineering service line and have been with ARAMARK for over one year. My salary is significantly higher along with my level of responsibility than in my previous role with a competitor. I was told from week one my career development and learning curve would be steep and I was to play the major role in learning the business. I have a great set of subordinate managers, peer managers, and higher level managers who know the business extremely well. I have a lot more flexibility and autonomy to run my book of business according to my local client needs and concerns without overbearing corporate oversight. Expectations are cleary defined and easily measurable. It is refreshing to work for a privately held company with a long term growth strategy instead of the monthly/quarterly "dialing for dollars" mentality of a publicy traded company. Sure, financial goals are important, but successful long term client relationships and employee retention are even more important. There is little pressure to nickel and dime our clients and much focus on employee self development. I've read some of the other comments regarding low pay and have to ask "what have you done for your own self development and what sacrifices have you made to ensure your success"? This is America boys and girls, you are rewarded based on your contributions. No silver spoons here. If you want more pay, then put some more tools in your tool box to increase your value. Look the part and act the part. Take responsibility for your own growth and development. Nobody wants to work with a whiner. If you do have an issue, bring a solution to the table as well. ARAMARK is a great fit for me.
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