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From cleveland, OH — 08/13/2009

ARAMARK is a great company that offers a fun and exciting environment to work in. You may think that selling hot dogs and beer is easy, but it can be stressful. Fan want there food and drinks as fast as I can get it so they don't miss a second of the game or concert. And when the basketball season starts, we can work all the time! Great money, but a lot of work. I like my co-workers and we are friends outside of work. I love my regulars for the games too. The managers are nice and sometimes treat us to cookies, candies or ice cream on work days. They give away tshirts, coolers and other items for good customer service and being safe. We also get a free meal and all the soda you can drink when we work. I wouldn't want to be anywehere else than in LeBron's house this season! GO CAVS and thanks ARAMARK!
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