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From Maryland — 05/25/2009

I am not going to lie to anyone about this. One, when I started with Aramark I was paid way more than people in foodservice would ever expect to make. Yes there are long hours, but I have worked in the hotel/resturant/resort field for years, so I was used to working 70-90 hours a week. I mean it is food service/property management, therefore only a moron would expect to work only a 40 hour week. Since being hired I have been promoted several times in the space of a couple of years, and I am now a manager. Yes, I do see some issues in regaurds to training of employees, managers, etc. But, I want to disagree with those who say they get no help from their managers, or that "All managers suck". I work 5:30a-7:30p M-Sat. Every week, I have not taking a vaction/PTo day for 2 years. I come in every morning and help my employees prep, cook, serve, clean, etc. My employees are not in a union which means that get yearly reviews and raises. Last years raise averaged 3.2 percent, which in this economy is wonderful. The last job I had I worked for a company that gave no raises for 8 years, and now my employees get a raise every year. However, if you are at a union account I understand since you would not get an yearly raise. In short, the company needs to work on training, but that is true with every company. The company pays better than most places in food service, most starting you at min wage or $2.85/hr for wait staff (again unless you are a union account were employees will make little pay). The company should spend more time training employees and less time worrying about safety gloves, I'm going to be honest if you have been trained on how to properly use a knife then you wont cut yourself, but wearing cutting gloves makes it hard to properly hold food (using finger tips like clawing in). Anyway, that is an honest opinion. If you don't like working long hours, around hot kitchens, with knives then you are working in the wrong line of work.
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