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From Boston, MA — 11/29/2009

i don't think apria is any different than any other big's the corporate culture that is systemic with any large with anything in life, you need to ask yourself what you want out of the situation you are thinking about entering (job, relationship, etc.) before you go in. the nature of health care is hectic and fast paced. everything at my branch seems to have an overwhelming sense of urgency to it, and if you aren't flexible and don't handle pressure well, don't work for apria (or any healthcare company) as far as pay, it is never enough, is it? we are compensated in line with the industry, but i feel patient service technicians (my position) should make upwards of $22-25/hr. although that will never happen. i went into healthcare for the personal gratification that comes with helping people and the money was secondary. as i said, you need to ask yourself what you want out of a job. the benefits are very good (health insurance, vacation, sick time etc.) and the best advice i can give is to research as much as possible the branch you may work out of. each branch is like its own small business and some are great, others are horrendous. my branch is great, with a good manager and a good team that all get along well. job stability seems solid......the baby boomers are getting old and sick (keep smoking!!) and if you are fortunate to get in with a good branch, you will have plenty of work. i worked 51 hours last week and i love 11 hours of time and a half.
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