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From Margate — 09/16/2010

Each Applebee's is different, they are all run by different general managers and even owned by different people in different areas, so why should anyone tell you it's good or bad to work at one? I will give you my personal experience with ONE specific Applebee's, and I have nothing to say about any others.

Applebee's Margate was probably the best work experience I could have possibly asked for. The management was wonderful, I felt like I had a very good relationship with all 5 of our managers. The GM is very fair but still runs his restaurant in a strict and controlled way (the way all good GM's should). While I can't say that every single employee did exactly what they were supposed to do at all times; we came pretty close, I actually liked every other person I worked with, and we all knew what we had to do.

I can also vouch for the kitchen, they ran a tight ship back there, and it was always clean. The food is great. You could tell because every single employee ate there, including all the cooks. The managers would not allow for any bad food to go out. If the lettuce was slightly wilted, or if the skillet was no longer sizzling, they were not sending that out to a guest.

Pay was pretty great, maybe it's because I lived in an area with a lot of Applebee's lovers, I'm not sure. I was a host, so I made below minimum wage but I got tip-out. During our busy season (winter/early spring), I made over $40 almost every night I worked (keep in mind this is on top of my paycheck and there were usually 4 hosts on splitting the tip-out, so that's pretty good). Even during the summer when we're a bit slower, I was not unhappy with the money I got daily.

My entire time there I felt like I was working in a really professional environment, and the management really did a good job.

I know some other Applebee's restaurants aren't as great as mine was, but you'll never know until you go and apply. I personally thought it was an amazing job.

By the way, whoever posted this company name: It's Grill and Bar, not Bar and Grill. Didn't work there long did you?
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