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From Columbus, Ohio — 12/30/2008

One of the best places I've ever worked in my entire information technology career. Although, it is the "LAYOFF QUEEN", and my job was shipped twice (2x)to India when working there ( I was called back a 2nd time - yes, I took it), I loved every minute of working with "cutting edge technologies" that would put some of my other employers to shame! There were many talented individuals, and many "skaters" - like any organization. The career potential was great if you had it long enough before they outsourced your job to India. Respect was awesome! Talk about "Fun", it was a very "Fun" place to work. All I can say is, "Hey Time Warner! Why aren't you taking some of your sisters and brothers into jobs?" Time Warner owns AOL, yet it is very difficult for former AOL people to transition into Time Warner entities! It would be nice if the mother ship whould take care of us all, but it was all good while it lasted.
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