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From Thousand Oaks, CA — 04/06/2010

Working at Amgen was the best job I ever had (when I joined), and the worst job I ever had (when I left). I worked there for a total of 5 years and left in 2008.

The company I joined was energetic, positive, professional, and there were a few actual leaders in my organization. As time went on, we got a new CIO with requisite re-org, which is when things came off the rails really fast.

My new manager was an individual that should not have been allowed near sharp objects. The entire executive team was staffed with unprofessional self serving egomaniacs that looked at front line staffers as nothing more than cannon fodder for their careers. I left the organization as quickly as I could, seeing the word RIF on the wall. Lo and behold, the RIFs started and as far as I can see have not abated since.

On the plus side, Amgen paid for my degree (every last penny!), gave me a huge amount of industry specific training, a contact list that is full of "A" tier talent, and a lot of great PHB type stories that I use to amaze my friends.

The salary was below industry standard, which they made up with a discretionary bonus, and the benefits were the best I have had in my career.

I am just happy I was able to see the last of the Amgen hey-days...they were good times!
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