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From Thousand Oaks, CA — 03/03/2010

I left a good job at another Biotech to go and work for what I thought was a stable company that would offer me a bright future. Unfortunately Amgen was not what I had hoped it was. Don't let the posh surroundings fool you Amgen is always looking to bring people in and spit them out again without a second thought about the employee. If you work for them be prepared to be let go at any moment. You as the employee are just kleenex.... They can always grab another kleenex (new employee) from the never ending flood of applicants that are trying to get a job there. I enjoyed my job while I had it and did a spectacular job according to my reviews and was even promoted to another job before they let me go. The severance was very generous but to be let go in one of the worst economic climates in US history because Amgen wanted to do yet another unnessary re-org and then turn around 3 months later and hire nearly as many people that they let go in the RIF I was part of is rediculous at best. So bottom line: Yes Amgen is a good place to work but do not count on longevity there.
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