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From Boulder — 04/30/2006

Amgen seems like the ultimate place to work. The health insurance is awesome (name brands and generics are the same cheap price), they automatically put in 5% of your salary in your 401K and match up to an additional 5% of what you contribute. It is located in Colorful Colorado in "beautiful" boulder county. However, the grass only looks green, the work environment is a total gossip haven, people are very lazy, many people skip out over into other deparments after a year in a current position, and there is a lot of attitude to go around. The pipeline doesn't seem to have any "blockbusters" coming up and the patent runs out on the main money makers (Aranesp and Epogen) in two years. Pay is great - but not for the headache of the work environment and potential lay offs -I am saving and waiting to get another job.
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