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From New York — 11/11/2009

It is incredibly important that even on the worst and busiest of workday’s days that you take a moment and reflect on that rushed email you’re sending, the tone of your voice to another colleague and to be extremely inclusive to everyone you meet even if you cannot stand them. Inter office networking is VERY IMPORTANT. Those who interact with other Business Units create future relationships that can be turned into life rafts.This means being nice to EVERYBODY even people who are “not getting it” are not working, or even doing their work to meet your goals. Because it is ALL about those year end goals. Ah yes Goals..Can one possibly be goaled on anything more at AXP
Presentation, personable skills and a sixth sense regarding how to manipulate or dodge corporate politics fair far better at 3 World then those who actually manage projects or do the work. Failure to play nice in the sandbox and drink plenty of corporate Kool Aid can lead to being thrown off the island with a boxcheck in the HRIS not to rehire
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