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From USA — 07/22/2010

PAY: I make minimum wage at this job. It is not really the best salary but I am a high school student who needs a job and is willing to work. Every year in February the managers to a review on every employee, and one of the things they review is their hourly pay. Some people that I work with have recieved raises which is cool. But a lot of the people are hired seasonally so they never make it a full year. I hope that in February, since I will have been with the company for over a year, my managers will be willing to at least contimplate giving me some sort of raise.
RESPECT: I think that my managers treat all of the people that I work with respect. They are willing to correct employees when they are wrong, but at the same time they always do it respectfully. When they have a conversation with you they try to see things from your perspective. My store manager can be a complete jerk sometimes, but when you are having a bad day (money wise) and his job is dependant on the company being happy with the amount of money we make, it is understandable. But at the same time he is a pretty cool guy. He watches the same shows on MTV as most of the staff so when we are closing we have good conversation.
BENEFITS: For a high school teenager this job has amazing benefits. I love American Eagle clothing, which was one of the reasons why I applied to work at American Eagle. I revieve a great discount so I obviously buy clothes every new season.
JOB SECURITY: I think that if you are a trustworthy employee who is willing to go to work and work hard to make the company money, you will be recieving more hours. On the other hand if you are an employee who slacks off, does not approach customers, does not listen to managers, does not task when asked to do something you obviously will be recieving less hours. People on here are complaining about how they reciveve less and less hours. Well if you are seasonal you are really only hired for ninty days, and when they hire you they tell you that you are only seasonal and that if you show exceptional work ethic they will hire you on for part time. So basically you will be seeing less and less hours because they can't keep you past the time that you were hired for, unless they have part time positions open. I think that I have great job security. I know if I go to college far away I can transfer stores.
WORK/ LIFE BALANCE: I think it is very easy to balance your work and life. At American Eagle you are able to set up your avalability. Which means you tell them the times that you can work and the times that you cannot work. Ex: during the week days I am not avaliable until after 4 because I am at school. On Sunday I am not avaliable late at night becuase I do not do my homework at wait until the last minute on Sunday to do it. Its easy to set up your avalability to accomidate your life. This summer I had to change my avaliablilty becuase I have another job. I was scheduled outside of my avalibility once and talked to my manager and she fixed it for me. If you take your issues to the managers they are more than willing to work it out with you.
CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: I personally think that any employee can have career growth within their store. This back to school season, some employees were promoted to "Jean Experts" which does not include a pay raise but it gives you more authority in the selling area during back to school season. It also is a reward from the managers because their is an incentive for being a Jean expert, like for example they get better deals on jeans. It shows the employee that their managers see that they are doing a good job at work and that the managers notice. I also have a store manager, an aerie manager, a hiring manager, and a mens and womens visuals manager. My stores aerie manager and the men's manager were former associates at different stores, who got promoted to a manager position. I think that if you are an expectional employee and show company loyalty by being with the company for multiple years that the potential for becoming a manager is there, if you express it.
LOCATION: I mean my American Eagle is at a mall, i know some American Eagles are at outlets, but my location is good i guess. The nice thing about working at the mall is that some different stores offer "mall discounts." A lot of the food establishments offer great rates for mall employees so on days that I have longer shifts I can eat at the mall and pay a better price. A lot of the food establishments offer Large sodas for around a dollar for mall employees so sometimes before I go to work I grab a soda from one of the food places. I mean being at a mall is nice because I have things to occupy myself during my break, if i do not want to sit in the back and eat.
CO -WORKER COMPETENCE- I love my co-workers. My store is fun because their are a group of employees who hang outside of work like twice a month. We have a lot fun together when we are working together because we are friends outside of work as well. I think that our friendships help us work better together becasue we are able to tag-team a mom who has brought her son and daughter shopping, or a mom who brought both of her daughters or sons shopping. And by tag teaming we are able to talk to each other over the head sets of ideas on what to show the customers or just side notes. The other day I was on register and another co-worker was on the floor selling. I found a customer who was shopping for an upcoming vacation. We tagged team and I let her take over the customer while I rang on register, and my co-worker took over the customer and got her into the fitting room and we took turns helping her out.
WORK ENVIORMENT: The only thing that stinks about the work enviorment is when customers complain or get upset at you, for situtations that you did not have control over. The store also gets super hot when we close, and someone told me during the floor set the temperature reached 80 degrees.
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