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From Concord, NC — 05/21/2010

I work at an Aerie store (it's a different brand under the American Eagle Outfitters company). It's a little different than an AE store because it's smaller and a little more customer service focused.

Pay: I get paid pretty well. It's a part-time retail job, so you can't expect much. I started above minimum wage and have gotten 2 raises in my 2 years with the company.

Respect: I feel like I am vert well respected by my managers. Like anything in life, you get out of this job what you put into it. I have worked very hard and reaped the benefits.

Benefits: Since I'm just a part time associate (and a minor) I don't get healthcare benefits or anything like that, but our associate discount is pretty good. We get 40% off regular priced merchandise and promo items, and 25% off clearance. It used to be better than it is now; for example, when we run additional clearance sales (30% off clearance, 40% off clearance, etc.) we would still get another 25% off. That's not happening anymore...but we do get certain items 50% off when they first come out. And no we don't HAVE to wear aerie/AE clothes to work; they make that very clear. But when we get such a good discount, why would you buy other clothes?

Job Security: It's pretty difficult to get flat out fired. People usually quit before that happens. If you start slacking off on the job, you will just get scheduled less. If you do really well (have great sales, get credit, etc.) you get more hours.

Work/Life Balance: Starting out, you won't get very many hours, so it'll be very easy to balance your work and life. If you're awesome and start getting more hours, you'll need to remember to request off for days you need it. Don't be that guy that's always calling around getting people to cover pisses off your co-workers and your managers, and you'll start getting scheduled less.

Career Potential/Growth: I'm a minor, so there's not much room for growth there. I can't open or close, can't climb a ladder, can't use a box really I'm limited to sales. If I wasn't going away to college when I turn 18, I could definitely see potential for growth within the company.

Location: My store is in an outlet mall, which is definitely different than a regular mall. There is more theft and lower conversion. People mostly look for clearance.

Co-worker Competence: Around Holidays, it can get pretty bad. Seasonal associates don't get as much training, so they don't know what they're doing. Usually, it's pretty good, though.

Work Environment: I love my job!
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