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From Maplewood, MN — 04/15/2010

I wasn't even going to comment because I figured there would be rave reviews. However, I can't believe how many people are bashing AE. I've been working at AE for almost a year, and I have barely any complaints. In response to the reviews on here claiming to get less than 15 hours a week- your hours are based on performance. I get about 25-30 hours a week because I care about the company, and everything we have to offer. And to say that all the employees are fake is a little ridiculous. I am naturally a bubbly person and do not fake any customer service I have to offer. I saw reviews claiming to not have been trained in... You get trained on how to use the register. The rest is common sense and things you learn as you work. If you can't sell a pair of jeans than I don't know what to tell you. The pay is not that great, but it is retail so I take what I can get. As for the reviews claiming that everyone just swears and makes fun of customers behind their back- I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience at your location but that behavior would be completely unacceptable at my store. Everyone is very caring and extremely helpful. My coworkers are like family and a lot are now some of my close friends.

Oh and just as an irrelevant side comment: On the most recent review I saw a comment that you can't order online with your discount.. You actually can. It just has to be through your store and it gets delivered to your home.
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