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From San Francisco. CA — 03/11/2010

Pay is decent. San Francisco minimum wage is pretty high. I've been with the company for over two years though and have never even seen a hint of a raise. I worked at the downtown location (on Market) for like 5-6 months before getting transferred to the Tanforan location because one of the Assistant Managers (one of the very few awesome ones) was being promoted to Store Manager. Then, he left the company and we got a new manager who didn't know what she was doing. The good Assistant Managers will give you respect (if they like you). You may get respect from your co-workers. The benefits are pretty good. 40% off regular merchandise, and for the first two weeks after a floorset you can get things for 50% off. Job security... for me is okay. I haven't been scheduled for the past month and a half but I haven't been fired. But really, what's the point of still being employed there if you aren't being scheduled? They're usually pretty flexible about work hours, but it's not worth the aggravation. If you expect to get promoted, don't. You're probably just as disposable as the next high school/college student walking through the door looking for a job. For me, the location was good. Real close by. New co-workers are annoying. Especially if they haven't been trained the right way. They don't know how to fold or where to put things away. They don't know how to search for things on the computer. They can't even do simple ringing people up. it's so irritating. The environment is no better. Loud headache inducing music and bright hot track lights. In a small store, with broken a/c.... no bueno. at all.
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