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From New York — 10/09/2008

For everyone out there who complains about not having any hours, lets face it, it's probably because you're not good at the job. If you're an outgoing person who loves to strike up conversation with customers and tries to help them - you're the perfect associate. If you stand around and straighten clothes all day then you're not doing your job. We don't stress and annoy customers about the credit card, we bring it up and if they say no, then its a no...we don't nag.

And we can have to cut and add shifts as we see fit. We don't know how the day will unfold with business - if the store makes more money we have more hours to give out. So if we only expected to have in 9,000 by Wednesday and we acutally had in 13,000 then we have hours to give out! Don't complain about not having any hours and then have the nerve to compain about us giving hours away!

I get paid very well and i love my job. I love not having a 9-5 lifestyle and if i need a weekend off, i can request it!

Floorsets are now scheduled during business hours and if a store was scheduling minors for overnight floorsets then they're stupid. Minors (by at least NYS law) cannot work more than 4 hours on a school night, are not allowed to have call shifts. and are not allowed to work floorsets.

I've been with the company for 3 years and first started as an associate, i'm now an assistant manager and i'm begining the process for store manager. And for anyone who doesn't know this, the exective vice president started as a stock boy with the company - and you're saying there's no room for advacement?!

Overall, not everyone who works for the company is the smartest person and i'm sure there are stores out there that break and bend the rules all the time, but not everyone and every store is like that. My store is a great place to work; we're carefree and have tons of fun!
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