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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Knoxville, Tennessee — 09/19/2008

I am actually full-time at ae, rather than part-time, which most people here seem to be. and I have to agree that the pay isn't the most fantastic thing ever, but for me personally, with promotions and raises, it also isn't that terrible. I would say they don't really start you out a great rates, but you can work to get better pay rates. I feel like I have lots of respecet from not only my managers, but also all of my fellow associates. but I also feel like that is something that will vary store to store, and also has to be earned. AE has lots of benefits that other places don't. In addition to the pretty great discount they have all sorts of other benefits like insurance and 401Ks and stuff. I would have to agree with most is a very secure job, as long as you at least make an effort. It is fairly hard to get fired unless you just completely mess something up. I am a full-time student with a full-time job at ae...and I still find time to have a life, so I would say work/life balance is pretty good. I feel like, for me personally there is lots of career potential and in general potential for growth. but I think that is another thing that depends you have to want it and work for it, those things aren't just handed to you. The location is actually pretty great, it is just a distance away for me...cause I transferred from my closer store. I think that several of my coworkers aren't the brightest people...but many of them are actually brilliant...but as with any place, you have a variety of people. & lastly, the work environment is fantastic. all of the people i work with are great, even if they aren't all super competent. and we all have a great time at work...even when there are long hours or crappy closing nights. and even when we're being pushed to get those credit cards...overall it is a great environment. & I love my job...what else can I say!?
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