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From Boston, MA — 09/23/2010

I worked at AEO for one year during my last year in highschool, and i got about 20 hours a week max so usually it was 16-20 unless they really didn't need I had a pretty steady income. I think every half year you get a raise based on how you work..i wasn't cashier so i never got people to get a credit card so i didn't get that much of a raise..I think it was like 30 cents or something. My managers are kinda cool, they try to make things fun and once we had a contest to see who could get the more CC in one win prizes like bags of gummy worms and stuff, just nice things our MODs did. well one anyways. It was very annoying that we always had a set goal and had to try to reach it, but whatever, it's fine. I liked working there because my co-workers were fun and customers were chill most of the time. Since its in boston, in the middle of tourist attraction it was even better cause you meet people from everywhere. I think if you work there long enough you can move key holder and all that jazz. They did hire new managers from like outta no where so i dont know why they did that since some never worked at our company before!!!!!! So obv employees like us would be when they are trying to rule over us. Our discounts were great. Loved the christmas season when EVERYONE is shoppingg, it's crazy but fun.
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