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From Austin, TX — 07/31/2010

I worked at the NCIC division in Austin from mid-2007 until early 2009. There were a lot of cool things about the job: tons of paid time off, you pretty much had free reign to goof off on the internet between calls (we watched a lot of Hulu), and it was pretty damn hard to get in trouble with the management. Unfortunately, this also meant that the occasional HORRIBLE employee was allowed to continue being horrible, whereas they would get fired anywhere else.

The pay was fine for an entry-level call center position. The catch was that almost everyone stayed in those entry-level positions for years and years. It was hard to move up. Even if you did get promoted to a supervisor position, the pay increase wasn't enough to compensate for the tons of extra work you had to do.

For the most part, I liked my coworkers. There were a lot of people working there who were far too smart and interesting to be in such a low-skill job. That's pretty much the case anywhere you go in Austin, though. Most of the supervisors are pretty cool as people, if not terribly good at supervising.

The job itself gets annoying pretty fast. Most of the calls are from people begging ACS for money to help them with the cost of treatment, or even things entirely unrelated to cancer treatment. Will ACS give you money to help you buy a more comfortable mattress? No, but we will "forward your request to the local office," which is usually code for "not a chance in hell."

Bottom line: it's a decent place to work for a year or so, especially if you're young, but not a place you want to build a career.
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