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From Pune — 06/17/2009

I have been working with amdocs for around 3 years now.
Pay: They have frozen the salary for this year...Got a simple mail from HR head to all saying there will not be any salary hike this year...
Respect: I agree to most of the earlier comments, but i personally feel things are better here...atleast for me.
Benifits, Job Security, WLB: These are good for me..might be different for others.
Career Potential/Growth: Someone said if you please your israeli manager then there is growth...might be true as i had a great growth after joining amdocs and i really made my israeli manager happy...Now i need to please not one indian manager but quiet a dont see any growth...
Location: Pune is my home and Amdocs is near my house...too good.
Co-worker Competence: No comments.
Work Environment: Yes this is where i need to vent...
The environment is politically charged...
I moved from one group to another and i find the things are not very transparent between the onsite and offsite and the managers bothside wanted it this way...for even sending a mail with a question to onsite needs to be thought 10 times...a small politically incorrect statement will be raising a hell next day...and its the same in both the sides...
I asked my manager why is there so much politics...he said "Politics is a dirty word and we dont use it here"...i understood we use it differently...He later told me to do some things that is not need to be known by the onsite...
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