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From Raanana, Israel — 05/12/2008

After nearly 8 years at Amdocs, I highly recommend the company as an outstanding place of work. The level of professionalism among almost every employee and manager I have come into contact with over my years in the various departments has been consistently high. The pay scale is above average and the atmosphere is dynamic and motivating. I have worked with colleagues around the globe, and contrary to other postings on this site, the issues of religion, nationality and sex have never been relevant. Amdocs fosters an atmosphere of the utmost mutual respect, and I have always found that disrespect between colleagues has never been tolerated.

There are often times of stress where hard work and extra hours are required, but any global company with the customers of the caliber that Amdocs has, will sometimes require its employees to go the extra mile to deliver. The periods during which I too have worked till the wee hours of the morning were challenging, but were also part of the excitement of working in a world class company that makes every effort to serve its customers. The team spirit and adrenaline that were generated during those times were inspirational. What we would lose in personal time and sleep, we more than made up for in professional satisfaction and camaraderie.

I am a mother of three children, and indeed there have been times where I have had to sacrifice some of my family hours for work, but on the other hand, Amdocs has always been flexible with my hours, and I have always left the office in time to be home with my kids for the afternoon hours. Amdocs allowed me to earn a full-time salary, advance in my career, while also enabling me to be a mom - not too many companies offer that kind of flexibility. My kids have also enjoyed the many activities and events that Amdocs has always provided its employees and their families, and look forward to them every year.

No place of work is perfect, however, if I had the opportunity to go back in a time machine to the year 2000, when I chose the postition at Amdocs over other options I was offered, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It's a great company, with a positive and nurturing work environment, and excellent job opportunities within the company.
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