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From Las Cruces, NM — 07/17/2010

worked at the Express Office for 18 months and loved it. The LC office is small and tightknit. I had a great team leader, the FPL'S and the MCM were very professional and respectful. So it seems that it really depends on what office you actually work out of regarding your experience with this company. As always there are people that do not adjust to change very well and would rather gripe about it instead of making the best of it. Yes, after learning a process one week it would sometimes change the following week and then change yet again; but we make changes everyday we wake up.
The pay at this office was above average for the location. The other benefits were also above average for this area. PTO, my time your time, swaps and schedules were very clear and concise. And yes you can actually get a 100% quality claim processed in 15 minutes or less. I did numerous times, so did my team members and numerous processors at this location
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