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From NY, NY — 01/30/2010

While this partnership IS NOT for everybody, it is GREAT. The pay structure enables me to earn without limitation. First year $65k, second year $150, Third looks like $250,000 plus. will keep you posted. As a producing rep everybody respects and looks up to me. The company does not provide benefits but gives me enough earnings to buy my own. My residual income is growing and very stable and bonuses fluctuate. It took me 7 moths to build a good business and reach some of my financial goals (which changed for the better since).
This Business is my life. I love it. i get to make money 24/7. took my kid to a store and got a new account.
The career potential is great. I am running a group of trainees from whom i receive leads for the time i invest in them. (I am no longer upset for giving away some leads), The best part is I don't wait for a raise, promotion or otherwise. I CREATE MY OWN OPPORTUNITIES. The location is great for a job in NYC, while some people work from sub-offices, home and independently.
The company recently invested in more staff and has brught some of the most competent people in the business to join the family.
This work environment taught me to be independent, self reliant, goal oriented and made me someone I would have never been. A Millionaire!
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