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From New Jersey — 11/20/2009

Interesting site----I am a long time claims employee of Allstate and on balance I am satisfied with my job. I think since the company went public that there is little concern about input for the employees on the front line. The retirement and profit sharing are great. The overall benefit package, though a little pricey, is good. The local management staff does what it can. They are limited they can have to "manage" and the claim processes come from above. The claims next gen operating system as proven to be a disaster and has hurt what has been one of the best claim departments in the industry. Pay grades have recently been frozen and many of us at the top haven't gotten raises in years. Sure the times are not good, but many resent that the upper management still gets their bonuses, stock options etc. This is corporate America and there is little you can do about it. Overall, I am lucky to have started with Allstate when I did. I am thankful there was a time that salary administration was aggressive. I will be retiring within the next couple of years. I don't know if I would recommend Allstate as a place to start to work. Employees are overworked and not treated with the respect they had been in the past. I think if upper management doesn't wake up the employees may seek to unionize in the future. Glad this didn't happen in the past, but the environment now has reached a new low as to work expectations.
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