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From Naperville, IL — 03/23/2010

I gave an honest review. I really enjoy working for Allied Barton located in the Naperville/Chicago, IL area. I have 8 years experience in contract security. 3 under Allied Barton and 5 under Initial Security who was bought by Allied Barton. I have worked my butt off from day one with above average pay...enough to provide for myself my wife and daughter. I took a two year break from security when I moved out of state but was able to get a job the day I handed in my resume to the Recruiter in the District Office. Since June of 09 I have been promoted to lead supervisor and am now a candidate for a site supervisor position located in the downtown Chicago area.

The account manager I work for is great and provides excellent leadership for the staff. Something that I have seen lacking in many other places. The officers know their role and while may not always agree understand that this is a job and there area certain requirements that must be met to fulfill the client contract. The district office takes care of the staff located at our site however because of the Account Manager as well as the other shift supervisor there is no need for the staff to go to the district office.

The only downside that I wll agree upon is the lack of benefits. If something could be done to help improve the benefits option believe me Allied Barton is a company I could make a career out of

I think most people who don't understand contract security or come from other fields will not enjoy the job.
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