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From San Jose, CA — 10/17/2010

This is more about my annoying co-worker than anything. Basically, if you have a pulse, Allied-Barton will hire you. I work at one of their more high profile contracts and for the most part it's an alright job. The pay sucks and raises are an impossibility. However we do get to watch TV and surf the internet all day.

My biggest gripe would be with a couple of my co-workers, one in particular. This guy is so bad that if he was fired there would be absolutely no difference in productivity. I've never seen so much incompetence in one person. When he was hired, he spoke about how well he could perform the tasks of the job and so far he's been terrible. Not only is he terrible, he also has annoying habits that drive me insane. They really should just get rid of him and pay me the money they pay him instead. Here's an idea of how bad this person is:

1. Botched several important projects and had to be removed from our shift for a month as a result.
2. Spends all day chatting with his friends on-line.
3. Spends all day chatting with his supposed long distance girlfriend.
4. Swishes saliva around in his mouth. Does exactly what I said, it's disgusting.
5. Comes to work looking really grimy and smells like he hasn't taken a shower in a week. Tries to mask it with tons of cologne.
6. Never accepts responsibility for any of his faults. There's always someone else or someone to blame.
7. Doesn't pull his fair share of the weight and tries to give harder jobs to other people.
8. Lied about another co-worker almost getting that poor guy in trouble.
9. Makes things up and lies constantly.
10. Really bad at his job overall.

I believe if a proper background check was done on this guy in the beginning he never would have been hired.
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