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From Fort Worth, TX — 05/02/2010

Let me just say: I LOVE working for Aldi. It is the best job I have ever had. I was excited when I got the job because I tried for 3 months to get it. I don't know why people complain. Yeah, it's a lot of hours, but you get PAID for those hours and I wouldn't complain if I were you because I came from a job where we only got like 4 or 5 hours on average for a week, so when Aldi said 20-40, I hopped on it! And the most exciting thing about my job at Aldi is that I don't have to drive to is directly across the street from my house! For the people complaining: name a job where you sit down, get benefits, get a lot of hours AND get paid good money for those hours, get paid breaks....need I say more?
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