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From Texas — 04/24/2010

Alright, I currently work for Aldi, but have no idea for how long. Aldi is new to Texas so we have grand opening left and right and therefore they keep sending me and other employees to different stores. Today I was sent to one store that had about 5 different managers and several other employees. The had me schedualed to work for 10 hours on the register basically non-stop, and since I was just a guest at there store they gave me a till made up from money in the safe. One manager told me I was starting off with $150, which now that I think back on it is total bull. They gave me like $50 ones and MAYBE $50 in coins. Between coupons and switching registers a lot, I some how came up $70 short at the end of the day. Though I think most of it was from being shorted in the morning and than paying the safe back more then I owed. Technically I should be fired, but we'll see. I'm not saying that the poeple arn't nice, the pay isnt great, but the hours are stupid, they take up all your free time, your rarely get breaks because it so busy, and if your scedualed to leave at 7pm expect to leave at 8:30pm. I really do want to find another job, its so sad that I hope they fire me.
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