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From ohio — 02/02/2010

i've been working for aldi over 5yrs now....for me its a love hate relationship...started off as a cashier now a shift. the pay is good..i get alot of shift hours so i'm not complaining and its nice to also have not so stressful days being a cashier. i have alot of customers that know me very personally and i like that...but i hate being told i'm not fast enough or i shoulda cut was pretty much up to me to make budget...and we did..but that shouldnt be my job..i hate on 20k + nights it just me and another cashier and they expect you out by 9...are ya kidding me? why were u there so late? uhh lets see the last customer left @ is trashed...outs everywhere...ringing constantly...still have to box an entire store...get cleaning done,,,,do orders....what do u want from me? i try so damn hard and most the time it doesnt even matter..very rarely i'll get postive feed back...and i need that in life...they should have some type of incentives. i know its too much too ask but they should...we did a couple times do fastest ringer got a gc....and of course i got that.:) . my one wish would to be is to have adequate help...there suppose to be changing the budget for the better but we'll see. i could get so much done if i had another body here and there.ahhhh aldi
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