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From North Carolina — 01/26/2010

Ive been working with Aldi for a little over a year now and this is my opinion of the company. The pay is not bad at all..started at 11.80 a raise within a month 12.25 then promoted to FRS which is $4 more an hr plus a extra dollar an hour if you work sundays... I really can't complain seing that a lot of people go to school and come out with a degree just to make that..if even. If you do your job--you keep it. The company is very much in demand and is growing so unless you are just a get to keep your job. But then there are the ones who come in thinking they can make decent money without putting in the work..hmm no sorry, wrong company..that's walmart. Some days I hate my job,others i enjoy it. it usually depneds on the customers because 8 out of 10 we don't get respect we deserve and it does get very stressful. Listening to you complain about renting a cart for a quarter and paying a dime for a bag isnt the ideal conversation to have mulitple times a day.
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