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From Indianapolis, IN — 12/11/2009

Save yourself the trouble and don't work here. Just becuase this company throws money at you, they think that they can treat you like crap! I've worked with cashiers that work two jobs even though Aldi says they offer better wages. They do but they don't give you hours. Also they want the least amount of workers in the store wich means you will be overtasked and if you complain, they will tell you to work harder. Any mistakes you make, you have to come in on your day off to fix, if it was not up to the opening managers expectations. SOmetimes they do it to "haze" you or just to be a dick. After all, if they had to come have to come in. Seriously, Do not work here unless you love working yourself to death, no retirement cuz you will burn out and leave, and no promotions.
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