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From Illinois — 11/10/2009

The pay is good, no doubt about that. Especially in these times. Unfortunately, if you're a shift manager, the pay is only great some of the time. When you are not working with the manager or asst. manager of the store. Or another shift manager, for that matter. Any time you are working with them, you make cashier pay. But are still expected to do the same job as you do when you are the acting manager of the store for the day/night. And to note, this was NOT made clear to me when I was hired.

As for the job work your butt off every single day. You push as hard as you can to make everything perfect, and yet it is NEVER enough. There is no praise here. Just criticism. There is no sense of a job well done, because no matter how well you think you did, it will never be enough. The physical and mental stress of this job is far more than I'd ever imagined when I interviewed.

If you are a shift manager, you WILL come to work, whether you're sick, injured, whatever. You have no choice. You will work your butt off the entire time without a real break, stay two hours past closing and still be called in on your day off the next day because something wasn't done perfectly. You will not be told that you are doing well, you'll only be told if you're doing the slightest thing wrong.

The job I left to work at Aldi was very physically demanding, and there was little praise or appreciation for a job well done. Looking back, I realize just how wrong I was in thinking that. Because that big box store had nothing on the job I have now. It was a walk in the park!

Yes, the pay is great, the benefits are great. But I'm not really sure that those are worth what I deal with every day. I used to wonder about the turn over rate, especially for shift managers. Now I no longer wonder about that, because I know.
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