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From Illinois — 09/27/2009

Have been at Aldi for 10+ years as a Store Manager. Very Very frustrating. The more stores that open, the less my bonus is and the more stress I have to run the numbers that I need to run. Have not gotten a cart average bonus, but managers that have NO new stores opening around them, get the bonus. ( could be $200-300 monthly.) I have gone from making mid 80's to low 70's. If you have a slow store watch out. You have to work alone, I am a women, mom and wife, and I am Scared to be in a store by myself! Ringing up food. i CANT TAKE A BREAK OR GO TO THE BATHROOM! I amke less each year for the past 4 years. Give better service Im told! The dm's....all that is said is true. . . 24yr old babies! Thinking there arses DONT stink. It is horrible.
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