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From Reading, PA — 12/18/2008

Ive been with for Aldi 5.5yrs. You will either love it or hate it. I personally wouldnt recommend it for just anyone. It isnt an easy job. Yes the rate of pay is really good, you will work for it. Benifits are so-so, and job security ,well, that could be taken at any time. However that all depends on you. They expect alot from a person and they tell you this during your interview, and unless your willing, you need to say no thank you. Ive read the reviews and I dont disagree with some of it, however I work in a Aldi's that IS willing to work with you. The standard is for an employee to be available from 6am-10pm. Some of us can, others cant. What is nice is that our store manager works with all the employees.
Ive had my share of mr and mrs public. Most of our customers are good. There are some that can really get under your skin. Dealing with the public isnt always easy, this is part of the job.

You have to remember one thing, Aldi isnt you average run of the mill store. Its a good store that sells quality products, so as a customer you save more. This means less employees and more responsiblities for each employee.
I have no doubt the people writing the reviews have had problems with Aldi. Speaking from personal situations, Aldi has been with me through it all(good and bad), I for one really like my job and all my fellow coworkers and from my persective it is a good company to work for.
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