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From paso robles — 03/07/2010

I totally love my job. Some days when it gets really busy it can get overwhemling but the more the merrier.
I'm service supervisor or key person and I've been with the company for almost 19 years so I've seen a few changes, including going through the 2003-2004 grocery strike, but I would'nt go back and change a thing
because we sealed some great friendships with our co-workers and our drivers and closeness with our
store directors and assistants. Our customers also stuck it out with us and they even fed us at thanksgiving
and xmas. So as I always say if I were to win the big lottery I would never quit my job because I love what I
do and Ihave alot of pride in the company I work for, not many people can say that. Thank you Albertsons
for a great career I plan on continuing.....
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