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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From MidWest — 12/16/2008

the pay is good, not the best but then you acutally have to work for it here. As for respect, if you do a good job you'll get it....of course there are those who don't do anything and skate around on their age. The benefits are great. I can pick the providers I want and I'm not hurting paying for it, still maintain a 4 bdrm home with 3 car payments and having 2 small children. Job security really depends on the work you do, work hard and make an effort I think it's good. Working for the PC side of things we aren't as concerned as others about being sold off. Work and Life balance is fine for me, when I leave work I'm done. Work week is 37.5 hrs instead of 40 how could you complain? Overtime is usually a welcomed thing. Location is great, close to home and close to daycare so not much family time is spent in the car. Co-worker competence is iffy. Have a few that need to retire and hold on to work for what everyone thinks is to be a pain in our asses with not doing much work and when they do they muff it up. The work environment is much better then the last office I was in for AIG. You felt like a child being constantly watched. Now you are watched less closely though much more time is spent on the phone talking to irrate people. Funny thing with the "bailout" is how many people want to settle now for much MUCH less then previously asked.
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