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From Jersey City, NJ — 11/16/2008

I am so tired of people & the media knocking AIG. It is not a bailout, it is a loan the the taxpayers will make out very nicely with interest and ownership in AIG and the employees are suffering as much as the shareholders. In the NY Home Office area we are not allowed to have a holiday party, but we understand with the media always looking for a negative knock on AIG and to cut expenses why it is not a good idea right now. The sad part, the holiday party was a fundraiser to collect toys for charity. I hope we can still at least collect the toys or then again the media may think AIG is collecting the toys to sell on eBay to raise cash and make another false report to the public. Our 401k, stocks, etc... have all lost value, but the current executive staff is keeping us informed and getting us back on track. Those with AIG should stay and those thinking of leaving, leave we don't need your negative attitude. Go work for Progressive, Nationwide, GEICO or some other two bit insurance company that wont appreciate your work and provide the work/life balance we all need. As for you 21st Century employees, be thankful AIG bought you otherwise the doors to your little company would have been closed a long time ago.
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