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From Woodland Hills, CA — 07/02/2008

AIG had no choice but to layoff people from BSB@C. The file counts were down due to loss of business and the firm was mostly senior-level attorneys with fairly high salaries. The people that were laid off included the best attorneys at the firm, but AIG doesn't need them for the type of work it is contemplating. The secretarial pool was mostly all senior level secretaries which was just way to expensive. Downsizing was clearly in order. The attorneys that remain are a capable lot and will not doubt rise to the occassion if AIG doesn't crack the whip too hard. BSB@C, or whatever it will be renamed, still has a chance to excel. AIG at least is adding new technologies to the mix, which the firm traditionally lagged far behind in. The light at the end of the tunnel isn't necessarily an oncoming AmTrack.
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