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From Portland, OR — 02/08/2007

AIG is relatively new to the personal lines auto insurance market, so there's lots of growing pains right now. But despite this, it's been a great place to work thus far. If you're experienced and competent, you're left alone (for the most part) by upper management to do your job as well as you can. The autonomy is great, the work environment is great, and the pay is good. Having worked for another large insurance company prior to coming to AIG, I can tell you that is far from the worst insurance company to work for (and I think its ratings on this website bear this fact out). Not everything here is great - for instance, to staff new offices they had to fill positions relatively quickly. Sometimes this led to less than stellar candidates being hired (see the Portland review below for one such example). Over time, these people will go on to other opportunities in fields such as trash hauling and dumpster diving. One particularly bad thing about my office - there's one individual who: 1. often wears cargo pants and t-shirts to work, 2. can't even be bothered to tuck their shirt in, 3. typically walks in looking like he's just rolled out of bed, 4. smells bad (like sh*t, frankly), 5. often makes very basic grammatical errors such as confusing "their" with "there", 6. is a total dumb ass, 7. sucks at his job but thinks he knows what he is doing and has an attitude problem about it, and 8. is a fat-ass piece of sh*t. Like I said above, sooner or later individuals such as he will be moving on to other opportunities for which they are more qualified - such as hauling trash for instance. Once they're gone the work environment will be even better than it already is. You could do far worse than working for AIG.
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